Educational Development of Downtrodden Section of Society

Since its inception Al-Barkaat Educational Society has had a vision to develop all sections of society especially the weaker section. The Society believes that education is a powerful tool to transform the life of poor and needy. In its 10 year journey the Society has established 06 Institutions of repute and the journey continues. It has created its mark among academicians as well as the society in general.

To move forward on its path of fulfillment of its vision the Society has undertaken a project for social welfare and has named the initiative as ‘Project Raahat’. The aim of the Project is to provide the much required facilities and services to the unprivileged section of the society, justifying its name Raahat which stands for relief.

The areas/localities where economically and socially weaker sections of the society reside are deprived of basic amenities like road, water supply, drainage system, health care centers, schools etc. Most of the inhabitants of these localities are unskilled/ semi-skilled labourers, rickshaw pullers, and petty shop owners or employed in meager jobs. These people do not have a regular income.

Many families live in shanties without permanent roof. Their children are scantily dressed and scrounge on unhygienic rotten food. Their life is surrounded by poverty, malnourishment, diseases, illiteracy, unemployment and crime.

This population comprises mainly of migrated families/individuals from nearby villages in search of work. Their vulnerability owing to their socio-economic weakness gets accentuated by the fact that they do not have a local base. The complexity of their situation often results in youth taking to anti-social activities. It seems to them a pariah against their debased existence.

Such localities have heavy Muslim population which creates a unique combination of crime, politics, religion, poverty and illiteracy. The people are not able to come out of the vicious circle.

It was observed by the promoters of the Society that numbers of children are not getting quality education on account of their poor financial position. It is also a fact that numbers of intelligent and talented students get spoiled due to unavailability of quality education as result genius and talented student get diverted in other activities and spoiled their careers. To make a dent in this problem it is felt necessary that special provisions are made to give them an opportunity to get quality education under most modern facilities. The Society has decided to launch an afternoon shift of Al-Bakaat Public School for deprived sections of the society. The criteria of admission will be their annual earning subject to qualify the entrance procedure on very nominal fees. The nominal fee is charged just to inculcate the feeling of self-respect and confidence in them. However the Society will not compromise the quality of education at any cost. Children, whose parent income below Rs.1 lac will be eligible for admission in the school in normal circumstances, however deserving cases above income group of Rs. 1 lac will also be considered.

To initiate the process it is decided to start second shift of ABPS for deprived section of the Society initially from Class I to V with each section has an intake capacity of 40 students.

It will be Co-education, the medium of instruction will be English, and we will follow CBSE Board Syllabus. The Monthly Tuition Fee will Rs. 200/- and Rs. 250/- will be charged as one time towards admission fees. Special emphasis will be given on over all development of the child. In summer the period duration will be 50 minutes, however, in winter the period duration will be 30 minutes. Second Shift will start after ½ an hour of the Morning Shift. Class I, II and III will have single Teacher Time-Table. Class IV & V will have subject wise time table. Separate Teaching staff & Non-Teaching will be appointed for afternoon shift. The school will provide two sets of dress and complete course to each student free of cost. The students who secured more than 90% marks will give scholarship @ of Rs 200 /- per month. Special arrangements are made for computer education. In school time table provision is made for games and sports.