Value Education


Value-based Education is a great success and is one of the fastest growing approaches in the world,endorsed by teachers, school leaders and governments.This is because it is based on the soundest principles of pedagogy,educational philosophy,brain research and common sense.It helps pupil to develop holistically,nurturing a secure sense of self,respect for self and others and supports the raising of  academic standards.


  • In Al Barkaat values are taught explicitly in classrooms and through the activities and relationships of the school and its community. In school, core values influence how people communicate, work together and make decisions.
  • Al Barkaat provides education of both personal and cultural values to the children so that each student can respect all the cultures and becomes a good human being.
  • Al Barkaat provides character education to the students in morals, civic sense, manners, to make them physically and emotionally successful and socially acceptable beings.